Saturday, 22 October 2011

SemI FiNAlist Piala Malaysia 2011


for having reached the final of the tournament
exciting games with many RED CARDS and YELLOW CARD as well GOL also..

Eventhough PaHAng is not in this tournament,,,,, but it is ok... still have time to do.. (take note Dollah Salleh).. haahh

for SELANGOR(defending CHAmpions)- Misson 33 is not complete... tettt.... try again next year for new mission (maybe Mission 34 KoT)... heheh.... For T-team.. as well good effort what they have shown.... but dont disappointed rakyat TereNGGAnu... you all have state team for final..

for who go for the final match....   be rational, not emotional...  it is not the games if not have the opp0nent..
if ALL TEAM want to be WiNNer.. who wants to be LOSER...

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