Wednesday, 7 November 2012


ICT applications have become an important part of teaching and learning. The Ministry of Education has invited a huge effort in terms of funding and training to equip teachers and students with ICT skills. In your opinion what are the issues and challengers in integrating ICT in teaching and learning in our Malaysian schools.

In line with the country’s information and communication technology (ICT) master plan and 2020 vision, Malaysia recognized that the transformation in education system is fundamental to achieve its objectives of learning through our National Education Philosophy. Malaysia has introduced various initiatives to facilitate greater integration of ICT especially in the field of education, as outlined in the country’s ICT Master Plan. This paper provides a brief outline of the ICT policy and ICT initiatives in Malaysia. Further, a case study on a programmer undertaken by the Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education in helping teachers to integrate ICT in teaching and learning was enumerated. A brief status report of Malaysia’s position vis-à-vis integrating ICT in teaching and learning in conjunction with the UNESCO Case Study Guidelines was also provided.
            In my opinion the issues and challengers in integrating ICT in teaching and learning in our Malaysia school is about monitoring and coaching of innovative use of technology in schools. This situation must be always by in continuous to make sure teacher always in right situation to start learning process. Without continuous technical support, technology integration in the classroom will never be satisfactorily achieved. Most teachers have heard horror stories about equipment failure, software complexity, data loss, embarrassments, and frustration. They don't want to be left hanging with 30 students wondering why nothing is working the way it is supposed to be. When teachers are trying to use technology in their classrooms and they encounter difficulties, they need immediate help and support. "Helping technology users while they are actively engaged with technology at their work location is probably the most meaningful, essential and appreciative support that can be provided," 
            According Integrating ICT In Teaching And Learning Country Report : Malaysia  by Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education under the massive programmers, 132,649 laptops, 78,333 LCD projectors, 67,439 screens, 63,254 mobile trolleys, and 9,662 printers were provided in phases to all the schools in the country. In addition 200,000 teachers have been trained ICT in basic ICT skills and using ICT in teaching and learning until 2007. But, this figure cannot have been stated is not enough to ensure that the teaching and learning process run smoothly. By providing High Level Technical Driving Committee at certain area to coordinate and facilitate all ICT initiatives in schools will assure that problem that have been faced by teacher can be minimized.
            Furthermore, to handle the problem according ICT equipment, the teacher professional development should have skills in teaching the students using the ICT with particular application. These should be addressed in pre-service teacher training and built on and enhanced in-service. ICT are evolving technologies, and so even the most ICT fluent teachers need to continuously upgrade their skills and keep abreast of the latest developments and best practices. Some student might feel uncomfortable with the new technologies especially student in the rural area where most of the ICT application use the English language for the contents and it is the responsibility of the teacher to guide them to use the computer.

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