Monday, 19 November 2012

Ethics In ICT

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      Ethical is set of standards of “rights” or “wrong” or “good” or “bad” in one’s conduct.Ethical issue in Information Techology (IT) were define in general. It was come out from our surrounding.

   Ethical in IT is about “rights” and “duties” (Kallman and Grillo,1996). There are three “rights” which are “right to know”,”property right”, and “right to privacy”. The first one is about “right to know”. Right to know is about to know which extent to in using a database to access information. Secondlyis property right. To make sure our computer is being protected, we cannot misuse or abuse our computer. For example, we can protect our computer from viruses. Third is refer to right to privacy. The profesional was entrusted to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all information. Besides that, we are responsible to protect our password from being used by other people. We also are advise do not leave our confidential information on the screen without switch it off. In addition, one of the duties is confidential which is responsible to protect information from unauthorized access.

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     According Professor Simon Rogerson  Centre for Computing & Social Responsibility De Montfort University. To integrate ICT and human values in such a way that ICT advances and protects human values, rather than doing damage to them:
I. Formulation and justification of policies for the ethical use of ICT
„II. Carefully considered, transparent and justified actions leading to ICT outcomes


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